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27th September 2016 Uploaded: 27th September 2016

Hi, I'm Flik, the new Volunteering Grants and Youth Development Manager at WCVA in Cardiff Bay. That means I'll be working on the new Volunteering Wales grants and reviewing and developing youth volunteering in Wales.
I've been a Millennium Volunteer, a Youth Volunteer Advisor (YVA), a WCVA intern, researching the GwirVol Youth Led Grants and worked in several charities across Wales.
I have a strong passion for volunteering which started when a friend and I organised a fundraising fashion show at school when we were 15. Since then, I’ve been involved in lots of different types of volunteering which has helped me learn about my community, make life-long friends and get onto the courses or into the employment opportunities that I wanted along the way.
I hope these experiences bring an understanding about volunteering in Wales which will help me to work with you, the young volunteers, the YVA's and voluntary organisations to continue to increase and improve volunteering in Wales.
I look forward to working with you all.


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