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People who volunteer in developing countries benefit more from the experience than the community they are working in

71% - • Absolutely not, the developing country benefits so much more from their volunteering

29% - • Absolutely, they get an amazing experience

Volunteering is a great way to uphold the Welsh language

57% - I agree, gathering Welsh speakers and learners is vital in keeping the Welsh language alive.

43% - I disagree, volunteering isn’t about launguage

Young People’s Opinions aren’t taken seriously.

62% - I disagree; stating how you feel about issues is the only way to make a difference.

38% - I agree; I hardly express my views because I don’t think it will make a difference.

GwirVol grants often fund volunteers out of pocket expenses such as travel and refreshments. If a volunteering opportunity could not offer you out of pocket expenses would you still want to volunteer in that opportunity?

69% - No

31% - Yes

Does the name MV50 Accreditation mean anything to you?

62% - No

38% - Yes

Do you spend more time communicating with people through the internet than face to face?

50% - No

50% - Yes

Are you volunteering as a New Year's Resolution?

52% - No

34% - Yes

14% - I want to but I don't have the time

Do volunteers receive the right amount of recognition?

90% - No

10% - Yes

Has volunteering helped you get a job?

80% - Yes

20% - No

Have you volunteered abroad in the past 12 months?

75% - No

13% - Yes, I volunteered for less than a month outside Europe

8% - Yes, I volunteered for more than a month in Europe

4% - Yes, I volunteered for more than a month outside Europe

0% - Yes, I volunteered for less than a month in Europe

Does volunteering at a major event appeal to you?

43% - Yes, I’d like to volunteer at any type of major event

20% - Yes, I’d like to volunteer at a music festival

17% - No

14% - Yes, I’d like to volunteer at an arts/cultural festival

6% - Yes, I’d like to volunteer at a major sporting event

Here at GwirVol, we want to make sure we are reaching young people and providing the information that they want to see. Please answer the question below and let us know how you use this page. As a young person I want to use this page to...

63% - - Find out about local organisations with voluntary opportunities

25% - - Keep up to date with current and ongoing projects and changes.

13% - - Share content with my friends.

0% - - View case studies and examples of work that young volunteers are doing across Wales.

0% - - Other (Tell us on the facebook page).

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