What is MV?

Volunteering can be great fun, a good way to meet new people and a really valuable experience but how does anyone know that you have actually done it? If you are sitting in a job interview or trying to get on a College course or even just wanting something to stick on your wall to show for the hours you have given, how do you show that you have actually volunteered?

MV is a way of recognising what you have done – the three certificates at 50, 100 and 200 hours all carry both the GwirVol logo and the Welsh Government logo. This means that you can show anyone who wants to know how many hours you did, where you did them and when you did them and the Welsh Government stamp on the bottom shows that it is official. In fact, if you complete 200 hours, you even get the First Minister’s signature printed on the certificate!

If you are volunteering already or even if you are only interested in finding out more about volunteering, then MV is a way of making sure that whatever volunteering you do, you have some kind of record of it. It is also a bit of a way for an organisation to say ‘thank you’ to you for your hours given free.

Oh yes, you have to be aged between 14 and 25 and you have to give your hours freely – that means that if your school or College tells you to do it, then it is not volunteering.


You should be! And there is more … if you are volunteering your first 50 hours in a placement related to sport or physical activity (anything from kayaking to welly-boot throwing) you can receive your 50 hour certificate (the first of the three) as an MV50 Sport certificate – this carries the London 2012 logo and is part of the legacy of having the Olympic Games in the UK.

There is a little paperwork to do and you will need to have your hours approved in a placement that we have assessed but not only is this straightforward, you can even do it on-line! There are no exams and all we really ask from you is your time. What could be easier?

If 200 hours sounds a lot, take a quick look at our MV50 page for a taster of MV ...

So you want to become an MV... then click here!


Still not convinced?

Okay, I’ll have one more go at convincing you!

- It’s a fun and rewarding way to spend some of your spare time.
- It opens your eyes to other things that are going around you. It can challenge you and your perceptions of other people.
- Your knowledge and skills and can really help you develop in so many ways. You can make new friends and volunteering can be great to talk about to your other friends. It can even help you to think about what you may want to do in later life and try out different things to see if you enjoy them.
- It can be great experience for your CV. Colleges, Universities and employers are looking for more than the regular qualifications to distinguish between applicants, volunteering could be your edge to get ahead!

Some Colleges and Universities offer MV already and so will be very familiar with it if you put it on your application form.

- Volunteering gives you superpowers.

Okay, I may have made the last one up but all across Wales there are organisations that rely on people like you to give up a bit of their time to make a big difference to others. To them, you really would be a superhero.

If you want to get started, download this Start Form and Record of Volunteering and take it to your nearest Volunteer Centre

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Record of Volunteering

If you still have questions, download our FAQ

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