What is MV50 then?

We know that 200 hours sounds like a lot of time. We also know that a lot
of people help out in their local community and never think of it as
volunteering. This is why we launched MV50.

MV50 is designed to be an achievement that can be done in 50 hours – 50 hours, if you just did a half day a week of volunteering then you would have reached 50 hours in less than three months. You could even reach 50 hours volunteering in one week (if you had a busy week)! We would like you to go on to reach 100 and 200 hours after that, of course, but MV50 is designed to give you a big thank you at 50 hours.

In 2011 we launched MV50 Sport, a 50 hour certificate for volunteering in anything to do with sport and which has the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic logo on it - not only do you get a certificate with the Welsh Government stamp on it, but it has the Olympic logo too!

Volunteering in sport can be anything where you help out others – from coaching a team to helping to run a competition for other teams. You name the sport and there is probably an opportunity to volunteer in it. We have even had an enquiry about korfball and if you can
volunteer in korfball in Wales, then I will bet that there is someone looking for volunteers in what you are interested in.

In 2013, we launched MV50 Global, a 50 hour certificate designed to recognise the contribution of overseas volunteering to a young person’s volunteering experience while still emphasising the benefit that there can be to Wales as a result of it.

If you were reading the other MV page and thinking that it all sounds a bit much, then why not aim for the 50 hours as a start. Talk to your local Youth Volunteering Advisor (YVA) and they will help you find something appropriate. Who knows, it might even convince you to carry on volunteering afterwards …

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