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In September 2011, we launched a new MV Award for the first time since the original 50 hours award was introduced – MV50 Sport. Working with Sport Wales, Sports Leaders UK and Street Games we had realised that there were hundreds of young people volunteering around sport and physical activity and not having their volunteering recognised by MV.

We also started to look at developing a new set of awards based around 50 hours of volunteering, a way to reward those initial steps into volunteering that will hopefully lead to the full 200 hours.

This 50 hours of volunteering could be in local clubs, sports clubs, through schools, guided by 5 x 60 Officers or in any community setting. The MV50 Sport certificate is linked to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics through the Inspire By Mark and is part of the legacy of the Games in Wales.

Volunteering can be by any 14-25 year old in Wales related to any physical activity – for instance, volunteering by organising a football competition is as eligible as coaching the team.


Has MV50 Sport been successful? Here is what Deeside College has to say about the Award :

“MV50 Sport students have very much enjoyed the experience and have appreciated the opportunity to be involved with the programme without the commitment to working towards 100 or 200 hours. This programme has been an excellent idea."

To download a leaflet and a booklet about MV50 Sport click here

MV Leaflet

MV Booklet

The development of MV50 Sport has been funded by Sport Wales. It is overseen by the MV Sport Group, which also includes representatives from Sports Leaders UK and Street Games.

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