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Following the successful launch of MV50 Sport in 2011, MV is launching a new award: MV50 Global!

When it was first set up, MV did not count hours volunteered overseas. However, part of the GwirVol initiative has been to encourage and develop overseas volunteering opportunities and there is a successful grant stream run by GwirVol to support international volunteering.

The MV50 Global Award is designed to recognise the contribution of overseas volunteering to your volunteering experience while still emphasising the benefit there can be to Wales as a result of it.

Last year we piloted MV50 Global with UNA Exchange and have developed the Award with the feedback from UNA Exchange and the young people from this pilot.

Are you interested in international volunteering?

If you’re interested in international volunteering you can find out about opportunities abroad by contacting one of the following organisations who already deliver MV50 Global as part of one or more of their international volunteer projects:
UNA Exchange, Helen Wales, Programmes Manager
SAFE Foundation, Hannah Fitt, Director
World at Play, Ingo Steffgen, Coordinator

Alternatively you can contact the Youth Volunteer Advisor in your local volunteer centre who will be able to advise you on other projects in your local area.

Can I use MV50 Global towards my 200 Hour Award of Excellence?

Yes. If you continue to volunteer after you have completed your MV50 Global you can use these hours towards your 100 hour and 200 hour certificate.

If you would like more information about MV50 Global please e-mail

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