MV 9 Key Principles

MV 9 Key Principles

Personal commitment – volunteers are encouraged to make a sustained commitment to volunteering. We hope most young people to complete 200 hours of voluntary activity.

Community benefit – volunteers will be undertaking activities which result in a clear benefit to their local communities.

Voluntary participation – involvement in MV is voluntary. Volunteers will neither lose nor gain financially by being on the programme.

Ownership by young people – MV should enable young people to be equal stakeholders in identifying, organising and taking decisions about the voluntary activity they are involved in.

Quality – Volunteers should feel safe, supported and valued. 

Recognition – volunteers should have their volunteering recognised and celebrated, primarily through the MV Award for completing the 50 and 100 hours of volunteering and the MV Award of Excellence for completing 200 hours of volunteering.

Inclusiveness – All young people aged 14-25 are eligible to join MV, across all communities, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. 

Variety – MV will provide a rich variety of volunteering opportunities in a wide range of activities.

Partnership – Organisations running MV will work in partnership with the appropriate local organisations.


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