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General MV FAQ

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked about MV.

I started the award in England but now I am moving to Wales for University and would like to continue with Millennium Volunteers. Do my hours so far count?

The MV Award is for volunteering in Wales. There are other awards in other parts of the UK that can recognise the hours you contribute there. The only exception is the MV50 Global award which recognises up to 50 hours of volunteering completed abroad.

200 hours is a lot, is it really possible?

200 hours may sound daunting but is easily achieved. Within the programme we take into account everything you do surrounding your volunteering so travel, planning and training are also counted in your hours.
If you are already volunteering when you sign up to the programme you can count up to 50 hours that you have volunteered in the last 3 months, providing they fit in with the programme’s aims, so you could start with a certificate already earned!

Why does it stop at 200 hours?
The MV Award is designed to recognise volunteering and give people a goal to work towards. Some people will take a while to reach 200 hours, completing a few hours of volunteering a week as part of a busy schedule whereas some people will be in the position to volunteer a lot of time and can complete 200 hours in a few months. 200 hours has been chosen as a length of time that is achievable and manageable but also not too daunting. Many people do go on to volunteer for longer. However, our focus remains getting as many young people to start volunteering and reach that 200 hours mark.

 I am interested in going overseas this summer to volunteer - can I do the Millennium Volunteers Award while I’m away?
The MV Award programme includes overseas volunteering, as long as the person doing it is living in Wales and there is some benefit to Wales in the volunteering – in other words, you might consider how you will share with others what you have learnt abroad, when you come home. Any planning, training and fundraising you do in the UK before going abroad can be counted.

I’m 25 at the moment but turn 26 in a couple of months. Is it too late to join the programme?
As long as you are 25 when you sign up and are able to complete the programme within 12 months, you are eligible to take part.

I am 13 – can I sign up to MV?
Sorry, the terms of reference that we work under state that you must be aged between 14 and 25 to take part in MV. Do not be put off volunteering by this – it is still a great way to get involved with your local community, pursue a new interest and have fun. Contact your local Volunteer Centre to find out if they can help you.

I have just turned 14 and want to register. I am already volunteering can I backdate some of my hours even though I was 13 for some of them?
Yes, providing the volunteering is a valid activity and was carried out no longer than three months prior to registering with MV then you can backdate up to 50 hours.

I completed 57 hours with one project but had to leave. If I volunteer again, do I have to start with 0 hours or can I add to the hours that I have already completed?
If the project where you first volunteered can provide details of your hours or you already have MV certificates, then you should be able to continue your volunteering hours at a new placement from where you left off. If you are in doubt about this, then please – Contact Us WCVA has a record of every volunteer in Wales who has completed 50 hours or more of MV.

Can I volunteer with more than one organisation at the same time?
Yes. You should be able to add up the hours that you are doing with any number of organisations. If you are in touch with a Youth Volunteer Advisor, they will be able to keep record of your total hours and advise when an MV certificate can be claimed. If you volunteer for several organisations and they are in doubt about how to do this, then you should ask them to contact either your local Volunteer Centre or the MV Co-ordinator at WCVA .

I have completed the MV programme already. Am I allowed to register again?
No, you are only able to complete the programme once. If you start the programme but do not finish you are able to re-register and continue until you receive the 200 hours Award of Excellence.

What if I help with my brother’s babysitting – is that volunteering?
To be able to count hours for MV, there must be some kind of ‘community benefit’ in what you are doing. In other words, by volunteering you should be helping to improve your local area in some way. This can include volunteering for a charity or a project based locally, but it does mean that you cannot count doing favours for a friend or relative or working for a private company like in a vets’ practice. If you have any worries about whether you’re volunteering counts towards MV, speak to your local Youth Volunteering Advisor; at you local Volunteer Centre – details of how to do this are at the end of this FAQ.

I am doing the Welsh Bacc at school – can I count that towards MV?
If you can present your Community Challenge certificate to your local volunteer centre (Youth Volunteering Advisor) , as evidence that you have completed 30 (or in some cases 15) hours, and can also evidence additional volunteering hours to make 50 hours in total, you will be eligible to receive their MV50 award. The key here is that you continue to volunteer.
Also, you can count hours completed towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and many other schemes that are not compulsory – if in doubt, ask!


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