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What is Millennium Volunteers all about?

MV is an award that recognises the contribution young people make to volunteering in Wales or on global volunteer programmes.
Young people can achieve the following awards;
• 50 hours certificate of recognition, MV 50 Sport or MV 50 Global
• 100 hours certificate of recognition
• 200 hours Award of Excellence, which is signed by the First Minister of Wales

The award is founded on 9 key principles which are;

• Personal commitment
• Community benefit
• Voluntary participation
• Ownership by young people
• Quality
• Recognition
• Inclusiveness
• Variety
• Partnership


 •This is an alternative certificate for the achievement of 50 hours. Note that this is not a fourth MV certificate, young people can still only achieve one certificate at 50 hours, 100 and 200 hours, making a total of three certificates overall.
• MV50 Sport applies to all activity or sport-related volunteering and should be used with any volunteer who has any kind of sporting placement – note that this means that someone who does the administration for a football tournament can receive an MV50 Sport certificate if they volunteer, it does not have to be active in itself.


• For volunteers who go overseas, only 25% of their volunteering time overseas can be counted towards an MV Award. MV has to benefit Wales, so at least 75% of all their volunteering has to be done in Wales (This can include training). Note that this does mean that people who ordinarily live outside Wales can complete MV on residential projects in Wales or by regularly travelling in to Wales to volunteer.

Although MV is one way to recognise your volunteering, we are aware that there are others available to young people in Wales. We work with many of the orangisations who deliver them directly- such as Sports Leaders UK and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.


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