Meet the GwirVol Team

GwirVol is a partnership of organisations in Wales. However the GwirVol team handle the day to day management of its services. The GwirVol team has four staff who co-ordinate the main GwirVol activities and the Millennium Volunteers (MV) Award.


Pri photo Pri’s role: Pri works on the volunteering grant schemes in WCVA and also with groups who are interested in running youth volunteering programmes. She gives advice and feedback to organisations and carries out monitoring visits to make sure that they are delivering their projects. Pri also attends meetings of the Youth Volunteering Advisors and the GwirVol Partnership.


Flik's role: Flik manages the Volunteering Wales grants within Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), where the youth volunteering team is based and also oversees the development of youth volunteering in Wales. This includes the national youth volunteering recognition scheme, Millennium Volunteers (MV) that is available across Wales. Flik works with the Youth Volunteering Advisors (YVA’s), youth volunteering organisations and anyone else who is interested in recognising their young volunteers’ achievements.


Charlotte’s role: as part of the Volunteering team. She is responsible for processing Millennium Volunteer (MV) certificates and maintaining the MV database. Charlotte is responsible for updating the GwirVol website which includes refreshing its content and exporting information for the team, also promoting GwirVol using social media. Charlotte helps the team with additional tasks including organising meetings, including confirming dates, sending information to attendees, and booking rooms.


Elinor’s role: Elinor works on the volunteering grant schemes in WCVA working as a team with Pri overseeing the new Volunteering Wales Grant programme. This involves running roadshows, giving support, advice and feedback to third sector organisation applicants and grantees, and carrying out monitoring visits on grant-funded projects to ensure that they are delivering their project outputs.


Althea’s role: Althea started working in the volunteering team on an internship focused on MV50 Sport. Her main objectives of the project were to work with MV deliverers, sport partners and young volunteers to review the MV Sport award and look at ways of improving it. She also researched the effectiveness of various apps and explored technology for volunteers.
Althea is now working on the UK wide #iwill youth social action campaign, where she encourages pledges from organisations, liaising with Welsh business, government, education and voluntary sectors to create a networking community of cross sector supporters in Wales. Althea also works closely with young Trustees and is responsible for the organising of a series of events for Trustees week and #iwill week in November. Additional responsibilities include promoting the campaigns and the upkeep of various social media channels.


As well as this GwirVol often has Interns who come in to do a specific job role or piece of research. GwirVol Internships are often 1-2 days a week for 3-4 months. Interns play a vital role within GwirVol, whether it be conducting an essential piece of research, creating an Electronic Press Kit or evaluating GwirVol's work.

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