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GwirVol is a partnership of organisations in Wales who represent and promote youth volunteering in Wales through all of its projects. GwirVol seeks to involve young people in its decision making and shaping the direction of the work that GwirVol carries out, to ensure we are meeting the needs of young volunteers in Wales.


Many people don’t realise that GwirVol actually came about as a result of some research across the UK which looked at levels of involvement by young people in their communities through volunteering. This research was made into a report called the Russell Commission report (yes the man involved was called Ian Russell) which was published on Wednesday 16 March 2005.

The final report set out 16 recommendations to develop the framework and encourage volunteering so that it became the “norm”. These recommendations were then devolved to the four UK Countries in various ways. In England an initiative called “vInspired” was created and in Wales the Welsh Government funded a partnership of organisations, who then became GwirVol, who would take forward the framework and implement the strategies. GwirVol was launched officially on 6 April 2009 and Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) is the administrative partner.

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