GwirVol believes that every young person should have the chance to be recognised for what they do as a volunteer. This can be through informal recognition or through formal accreditation.

Volunteering is important and volunteers should be thanked for their time and commitment and also have something to show for it on CVs or application forms.

MV – Millennium Volunteers

The main form of recognition run by the GwirVol initiative is the Millennium Volunteers (MV) Award. MV has been around for over ten years and has recognised the achievements of over 17,000 young people. Find out more on our MV pages

Although MV is one way to recognise volunteering,
GwirVol knows that there are others available to young people in Wales. We work with many
of the organisations who deliver them directly – for example Sports Leaders UK and the
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

Students working with UCAN Productions receive 50hr certificates from the Head of   the School of Optometry, Cardiff University


You Give, You Get

In 2011, GwirVol published ‘You Give, You Get’, a guide to all the national recognition and accreditation schemes for volunteering available in Wales. This was intended as a reference guide for anyone who was interested in what was available to young people in Wales – you can find the online version on this website – You Give You Get

The Guide is neither a ‘league table’ nor a ‘Which?’ guide. All the Awards play a part in supporting young people’s achievement. The Guide is aimed at everyone who places a value on young people’s voluntary effort to develop their own skills and improve the communities around them.It will be useful for youth work organisations, schools, colleges and universities, and employers.

If you think that there is anything missing from this by the way, do tell us! We are looking to publish another edition in the near future and we want to know what we have missed!

You Give, You Get was compiled by the GwirVol Accreditation Working Group, click on the Working Group link for more information about this.

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