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We need to make a collective effort to recognise, encourage and create social action opportunities for young people across the UK. www.iwill.org.uk

Our aim is to double the number of young people participating in youth social action by 2020 not only for their own personal benefit but for the benefit of every sector involved.

#Iwill was founded by HRH Prince of Wales and the leaders of the three main political parties in 2013 after Cabinet Office research produced compelling evidence that young people who take part in social action develop key character and employability skills. It follows on from this that involvement creates a double-benefit, strengthening communities and enhancing the skills of young participants. In addition to that The University of York, in research undertaken for the Audit Commission (2013), point to the "relatively inexpensive youth support projects (which) produce major public finance savings".

We currently fail to make the most of the energy, talent and commitment of millions of young people in the UK aged 10-20, who have an appetite to contribute to their communities.

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