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Social networking even five years ago was for the few and was seen as just a fad. Not now. In today’s society of social media, downloads, statistics and funding, organisations are turning to the internet and social networks to raise the profile of their organisations at a very low cost. Who doesn’t like something for free?!

Organisations take to the internet to Tweet, update their status, tag photos, blog and generally tell everyone and anyone what they are doing of every minute of any day.

Generally these sites are used for good; however, there have been instances where these sites have been misused or people and organisations have made themselves vulnerable to abuse. But this should not discourage organisations from using social networks to promote the work that they are doing. It is free after all!

Social networks are a sure way of reaching your audience really fast and this guidance has been developed to help you navigate your way around the sites, consider what risks there may be to using the sites and to put into place good practice and some simple safeguards.

The guidance you will no doubt read and re-read a million times are just to guide you. These information sheets are designed to help you get started and to really think about the wide range of aspect of both using but also utilising social media, however if you are going to be using Social Media as a key aspect of your organisation or even as a small part of a project then we would suggest that the best thing to do is to create a social media strategy which would really help you outline what you need to do.

Remember dear volunteering friends, there are risks with everything, but social networks really are amazing and if you use them right they can be fantastic tools. 

Below is our series of guides and some additional factsheets to help you navigate your way through social media and beyond!

Social Media guidance:

Other Factsheets:

 We hope to update our Guidance every now and then so keep an eye on the site. If you think we have missed out a particular site, have any comments, or good practice stories then why not email us at Happy reading guys!

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