MV Toolkit

All projects which are successful in their application to run MV – whether with a grant or without – receive an MV Toolkit. This is a set of forms and files that will help you in delivering youth volunteering, as well as posters and leaflets.

There are only three things that are ‘compulsory’ in the MV Toolkit –

- You should use our logo on everything you use with MVs so that they know that they are part of the programme

- Volunteers need to sign a data protection declaration that gives you permission to share their information with us (there is an example at the end of the ‘Start Form’ below)

- When you make claims for certificates, you use the spreadsheet included in the Toolkit for this purpose – we receive thousands of requests each year and so we need a standard format for them!

Everything else on the Toolkit disk is advice and examples of how to run youth volunteering – for example, there is a database for keeping young people’s information and files related to planning and reviewing volunteering experiences with your volunteers. If you already have these systems in place then you do not have to use any of these forms, they are only there as help, advice and guidance.

There is very little paperwork involved in running MV – once you are signed up, we really do only want to know when your young people reach each certificate point and then a brief annual summary of how you have done in the previous year compared to your targets. There is some paperwork to sign you up, but this is to ensure that the volunteering that you do is compatible with the Millennium Volunteers programme.

Below are some of the documents that are available on the MV Toolkit disk.

You should not use these unless you have been accepted as an MV deliverer!

If you want to sign up to deliver MV, then follow this link to the MV pages and decide which way you want to do it.

If you use these forms and try to claim certificates, we will not issue them – you have been warned

MV Start Form

Volunteers Personal Development – a five point guide to some of the ways to support volunteers

MV Plan – an example of how to plan a volunteers development and activities

MV Profile – an example of personal development with young people

Example personal release form

You may also want to look at the MV leaflets which we use for publicity. These are for general promotion, there are specific leaflets and booklets for MV50 Sport which can be found on the MV50 Sport page

MV leaflet

If you have any questions, send us an e-mail at

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