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Hello all you wonderful people.

Welcome to GwirVol’s Electronic Press Kit (EPK) – wow that is a mouthful. GwirVol decided that it would be a good idea if all GwirVol projects, partners and associates had the tools, resources and good practice needed to complete your project but at the same time the necessary knowledge to promote GwirVol. And so this Electronic Press Kit was born *cue lion king music*.

GwirVol feels that by passing on the tools to the projects, that the GwirVol brand can be raised to recognise GwirVol as a leading body on Youth Volunteering in Wales.

This EPK will have information which is for you – to help you understand GwirVol and then information to help you tell others about us, including the media. This includes official statements you could use when speaking to the press. You will know what is for official use as there will be the following logo on the left hand side of the statement.

This symbol indicates the information provided is for official use, on publicity materials, in the media and when speaking to the general public. This makes sure that everyone who works with GwirVol is then telling everyone the same message. Strengthening GwirVol’s message.


The EPK is a condensed collection of information that GwirVol thinks is relevant to you, however there will be more detailed guidance that will be available to be downloaded from the GwirVol website and other sources. If the page is a condensed version then there will be the symbol as seen here on the left which will identify this. You can click on this symbol and it will link you to further information on our website.

The Electronic Press Kit set out to be a tool to help anyone and everyone that deals with GwirVol by proving you, yes YOU the reader with the right knowledge, resources and good practice needed to make your project an awesome as it can be.

This EPK is split into two publications;

  1. Promoting GwirVol – telling you all you need to know about us and how to promote the initiative.
  2. Getting your voice heard – giving you tips and advice on promoting your project.

The EPK is not the definitive document, but rather GwirVol's stance on what we have learned.

The EPK is ultimately for you and so the language used is friendly and understandable. If we do use jargon that you don’t understand there is a jargon buster set out in the appendices. We will use pictures and diagrams to show what we are explaining as we know that a lot of information is hard to digest.

We hope that you gain a little from this EPK and wish you all the best in your project. Remember “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you” - Dr Seus

I would suggest getting a cup of tea or coffee whichever floats your boat and then maybe treating yourself to a biscuit or two, chocolate of course and then putting your feet up for a browse of this EPK, who needs hello magazine when you have this to read aye?

Stephen Sellers
GwirVol Marketing Intern



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