WCVA is working with Welsh Government to review the provision of grants for volunteering across Wales as part of a broader vision for the future of volunteering and the services that support it.

At a national level, grants delivery to date has been through the Volunteering in Wales Fund and GwirVol and the intention is to move to a single volunteering grant fund (to be called Volunteering Wales Grants). This will cover all geographical areas and ages, with specified priorities and themes.

Grant-making decisions will also be aligned to fit within a financial year, an arrangement that should be better for monitoring and administrative reporting as well as for delivery.

2016 –17 will be a transition year in the move toward a new annual grants cycle.

Our intended timescale for the changes is that a new application process will start by 1st September 2016 for grants to start on 1st April 2017. Roadshows will be scheduled in different locations during the summer of 2016 – including sessions which will be specifically delivered for CVCs –to ensure that all our shared stakeholders are fully briefed. We are moving towards an electronic application process, and briefing sessions will include explanation of this.

Details of the new scheme are now available on the WCVA website.

It should be stressed that all decisions relating to grants funds which run after the Welsh Assembly elections in May 2016 are subject to review by any new Minister with responsibility for the sector, and so although we have started work on these anticipated changes to the grant schemes, we would ask that any communication regarding these acknowledges this uncertainty.

In this transition year, the intention is that organisations currently running grant-funded projects using Volunteering in Wales Fund or GwirVol grants will be given the opportunity to apply to extend their projects. Current grant holders will be contacted directly by WCVA.

The exception to this will be Youth Led Grants, which will run in 2016-17 as they have done previously. We intend that organisations will continue to be able to apply for small amounts of funding from their local Volunteer Centre for youth-led projects.

These changes to grants form part of a broader vision for volunteering for 2016-2018, We will continue to keep you informed of developments in all these matters. In the meantime, please contact our Volunteering Team with any questions.


Useful resources:

Below, you will find a range of information that is intended to help you plan your project and prepare your grant application.

Involving young people in volunteering information sheet
GwirVol guide to Volunteer Expenses
Volunteer Role Description Template
Grants FAQ

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