Network Members

The GwirVol partnership is made up of senior representatives from organisations with a key interest or involvement in youth volunteering.

The partnership is responsible for:

• reviewing and updating the strategic direction of the initiative
• ensure the best interests of young people are represented in taking forward the strategy
• co-ordinating the promotion of the Initiative to key audiences
• inviting relevant parties to become a part of the initiative through working groups
• monitoring and reviewing the distribution of funding and make recommendations on future distribution of funds
• ensuring the views of other relevant stakeholders are communicated and cascaded


The administrative functions of the partnership will be undertaken by WCVA, one of the partners, acting in an administrative capacity and responsible for the following functions
• Legal responsibility for funding and agreed policy direction as determined by any agreement with the Welsh Assembly Government and other funding sources
• Enacting the agreed decisions of the steering group
• Administration of grants, through agreed protocols to include grants to support advice and information, and capacity building
• Commissioning research, monitoring and evaluation on the impact of the initiative
• Communication to, Partners, youth volunteer advisors and organisations on the agreed direction of the partnership
• Ongoing funding/sponsorship bids
• Coordination of the youth volunteer advisors
• Servicing meetings of the steering group
• Ensuring measures to maintain young people’s ongoing involvement as partners

GwirVol working groups:

These groups are made up of organisations who have an interest in and commitment to youth volunteering and taking forward the recommendations of the Russell Commission through the GwirVol Initiative. The working groups currently consist of; the Accreditation working group, the Millennium Volunteers working group, the Research and Evaluation working group.
The partnership currently involves the following organisations:

1. GwirForce (A group of young people who were set up as a result of the Russell Commission recommendations to feed into the initiative)
2. Youth Cymru
3. CWVYS (Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services)
4. Careers Wales
5. Urdd Gobaith Cymru
6. WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action)
7. WACVC (Wales Association of County Voluntary Councils)
8. UNA Exchange
9. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
10. Young Dragons
11. CSV (Community Service Volunteers)
12. Student Volunteering Bangor
13. WJEC
14. StreetGames
15. Welsh Government Third Sector Group
16. Department for Education and Skills (DES)

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