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GwirVol is a partnership between the third, public and private sectors, and led by the views of young people in Wales. The Partnership exists to take forward the recommendations of the Russell Commission. These recommendations are designed to provide a framework to bring about a step change in the numbers and diversity of young volunteers and to give them more and better quality volunteering opportunities.

GwirVol aims to; 

  • Increase the number and diversity of young people volunteering in Wales and;
  • Increase the number and quality of opportunities for young people to volunteer in Wales.

If you would like to see how we have been achieving this you can find our more from our evaluation and research page.

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Our services:

GwirVol looks to support organisations to involve young people aged 14-25 in volunteering through a number of ways;


Youth Volunteering Advisors: There are 22 part-time GwirVol Youth Volunteering Advisors (YVA’s) that are based in the volunteer centres around Wales. The YVAs are there to offer advice and information about how to involve young people as volunteers. They can advertise volunteering opportunities and refer young people who are interested on to placements. Youth volunteering advisors are also local delivery partners for Millennium Volunteers (MV) Award and can register young volunteers to MV on behalf of an organisation and claim their certificates for them or they can advise on how to become an MV delivery partner.

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Millennium Volunteers Award: Millennium Volunteers (MV) is part of a UK-wide programme supporting young people to make a commitment to volunteer for 200 hours in their community. It encourages 14-25 year olds to build on existing skills and interests and to gain new experiences by giving their time to worthwhile and well-organised volunteering activities. Their efforts are recognised through a 50 and 100 hour Certificate and 200 hour Award of Excellence signed by the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Government. As an organisation you can apply to become a delivery partner or you can speak to your local youth volunteering advisor about registering your young volunteers on the programme.

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GwirVol’s You Give You Get: GwirVol’s You Give You Get is a publication detailing a number of recognition and award programmes in Wales that young volunteers could be eligible to take part in. You can download the document from the GwirVol website or request a hard copy from GwirVol.

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National Grants:

The aim of the GwirVol Youth Volunteering Grants scheme is to support the delivery of a wide range of new volunteering opportunities in Wales and overseas that will support a step change in access to volunteering for young people aged 14-25 and especially for disadvantaged young people. The GwirVol grant scheme offers three different strands of funding:

  • Creating Opportunities: For organisations looking to create new youth volunteering projects, new youth volunteering roles or to recruit more young people into existing volunteering roles. Creating Opportunities grant applications can be for up to a maximum amount of £10,000.
  • Millennium Volunteers: For organisations looking to recognise the commitment young people give to volunteering through offering the 200 hour award of excellence. Millennium Volunteers grant applications can be for up to a maximum amount of £10,000.
  • International: For organisations looking to develop overseas volunteering opportunities that benefit young people and their communities in Wales as well. International grant applications can be for up to a maximum amount of £30,000.

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  • Youth led grants: In each county in Wales, Youth Volunteering Advisors have supported the set up of Local Youth Led Grant Panel’s. These are groups of young people from the local area who are allocated up to £4,000 to distribute through grants to local youth led volunteering activities. Every area is led by the ideas and needs of young people and the panels themselves decide on the criteria for the grants, the priority groups and the application process but they are all aimed to develop youth volunteering and seek applications from projects lead by young people themselves.

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GwirVol aims to support the development of quality volunteering opportunities and as a part of this has developed a number of resources including;


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