Welcome. GwirVol is a Wales–wide initiative, led by the views of young people, encouraging more young people in Wales to get involved with their communities through volunteering.

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RT @NPTYF: We visited @OrganisedKaosYC to see the fantastic work they're doing! Volunteers and staff! Dyma @GwirVol! True #volunteering! @N… Thu, 21 Sep 2017 RT @NPTYF: We're @NPTCGroup Freshers. Come and see us for more information about Volunteering! @NPTCVS @GwirVol https://t.co/BhdXNBCnPG Thu, 14 Sep 2017 RT @wcvaruth: Right to speak & be heard & great to acknowledge the commitment of @MTYouthforum with certificates @GwirVol @MillenniumVol @m… Thu, 14 Sep 2017

Two new trustee toolkits to help get young people on boards!

3rd August 2017Uploaded: RM

 We are excited to share with you two new resources that have been produced to support young people to get involved in governance. 1. A Toolkit for Young Trustees to help ...


14th February 2017Uploaded: CG

We #lovevolunteering and you #lovevolunteering!    Read the full article here.

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